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Taking street poetry to Zoom

New York-born rapper and street poet Kenny Baraka has been hosting 1-2-1 lyricism masterclasses online with Lewisham Music the last two weeks. Kenny has worked with artists including Supernatural, Omar and De La Soul, and inspires in young people a passion for poetry and literature.

Young people in the masterclasses had the opportunity to work with Kenny to experiment with ideas, hone their lyric writing, create rhythms from words, and how to turn creativity into a career!

You can find out Kenny's top tips for writing lyrics on Lewisham Music's website.

Bailey had such an amazing time; he was radiant, excited, animated, and full to the rim with joy when he got off the course.

He could not stop smiling. It has lit his imagination.

Thank you so much for doing this, it will go a long way in this young rapper.

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