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Pizza & Pitches

Our pals at the Albany are looking for creative ideas! The pizza & pitches party (5 pitches voted on by the public!) is being held virtually - so you might need to get out your own pizza! But this is still a great opportunity to pitch any ideas for the community!

It just needs to hit these criteria:

  • It should be able to safely take place in the next few weeks

  • It should be artistic/creative in some way, and should be publicly accessible on or offline, and free

  • It should be relevant to the concerns and lives of people living in Deptford/New Cross, and there should be a commitment to connecting with local communities. Be mindful that not everybody has access to a computer, smartphone or the internet!

Its a challenge to come up with ideas that will work at the moment but we're sure you can rise to it!

The project that wins the vote gets £600, and runners up will get £100. The final five will be selected by a team of Albany Young Leaders and members of Meet Me at the Albany.

Anyone can enter, but you should live/work/have some connection with Deptford or New Cross!

Deadline is 30th of June so get creating!!!

More info here!


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