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Live Dance Round Up

Last Tuesday and Wednesday 25 schools and dance groups from across Lewisham (around 500 performers!) danced their hearts out! Live Dance is an amazing event produced by Trinity Laban and has been going on for 21 years. This year was no exception, and across 2 days an inspiring mix of dance styles, ages, and groups came together to create a fantastic showcase. Hope to see you all again next year!

Day 1 - 3rd March

Rathfern Primary School

They bought incredible energy to the stage and were excited to be opening the show!

Prendergast Primary School

Lets Dance! Prendergast got us all wanting to join them on stage and dance along. A bright and colourful performance.

St James Hatcham C of E Primary School

They wore hats! With a clothes change too! A fantastic, lively hip hop performance.

St Matthew Academy

An elegant display full of daring lifts and coordinated group and partner work.

Deptford Park Primary School

Imagine - a low lit stage, four girls with their backs to you... until the music drops. More hip hop fun, featuring some very smiley dancers!

Fairlawn Primary School

An exciting (and excitable) big group brought some multicoloured fun, dancing to I'm Still Standing. The audience nearly stood up and joined in!!

Brindishe Lee Primary School

Firebirds dancing to a mix of bird song and Russian folk music. Great costumes and a beautiful piece - really demonstrating the huge variety we get at Live Dance!

Downderry Primary School

This group brought a lot of pop fun into the mix! Great to see their happy performance!

Trinity Laban Youth Dance Company

Speak Out? This fantastic performance was inspired by the deputy young mayor's manifesto and presented us with both the reality of youth experience and the importance of youth voice.

Tidemill Academy

Sweet dreams are made of these! A colourful and energetic performance saw Tidemill stride and jump across the stage in style.

Sydenham High School

This girl group performed a fusion dance mix, with elegant flips and more!!

Adamsrill Primary School

This afrobeats mash up was performed with some of the best facial expressions we have ever seen. So much confidence, and the moves to match it!!

St Stephen's C of E Primary School

A colourful dance in costume telling the story of Aladdin! Carpets, genies, lamps and more... what a way to end day one!!

Day 2 - 4th March

Brindishe Green

A beautiful and sweet stylised dance to open tonight's show.

Marvels Lane Primary School

Beautiful dance - and such a great idea to include quotes from the dancers in the track. Watching them dance is one of our favourite things!


The Trinity Laban boys performed a fantastic hip hop, yet lyrical piece. A really meaningful and moving dance.

Torridon Primary School

This piece, performed to Beyonce's Spirit from the Lion King was both uplifting and inspiring! They also managed to do some lifts!!

Weiwei Class, Dalmain Primary School

The contemporary dance piece with a political statement- climate change is coming. Brilliant performance from some young dancers!

Forest Hill School

Wow!! A hip hop dance with great lifts, lighting design and a surprise entrance from some masked dancers... what a show!

Sandhurst Primary School

We love London too! A bit of a dance off and an excellent performance to a mash up of London artists.

Gordonbrock Primary School

A balletic and pretty performance from some owls and angels with some intricate, interlocking dance moves.

Sydenham School

A smaller group of older girls performed a beautiful piece with floor work and lifts!

Rushey Green Primary School

This performance was actually pulled together really quickly but you could not tell! Slick and high energy with dance in perfect unison!

Kilmorie Primary School

Beautiful contemporary dance performance!!

Turing Class, Dalmain Primary School

Another warning about global warming! Excellent performance demonstrating how dance can make political statements.


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