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Last week the festival was officially kick started by Live Dance at The Broadway in Catford. We were dazzled by groups and classes all over the Borough performing in the ornate art-deco theatre. It was days of gruelling tech rehearsals followed both nights by incredible performances which really saw the hard work pay off. With dances ranging all the genres, and themes from 'Party Animals' to St Stephens rendition of The Lion King there was never a dull moment!

Learning the famous TL Bow!

All the performers got the chance to learn the famous Trinity Laban Bow - an essential tool when performing on the big stage. We spoke to Veronica, the person behind the bow about it's background and importance. She said the bow has been with her for as long and she can remember, and believes it is so effective because its simple, thoughtful and easy to do. The theory behind the bow is that 'no matter how the performance turns out, good or bad, if it is done correctly the show will immediately look better'. She believes 'if the bow is shambolic, the message of the show will be shambolic.' So there we have it! The importance of a bow- now get practising....

The Lion King (in 3 minutes)

Thanks so much to everyone that took part both organising and dancing! We always look forward to this event year and year. BRING ON LL2020


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