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5 Apps

Nearly a month into lock-down and it's getting more difficult to keep little ones and families entertained!

Here's our list of 5 apps to keep you going - with even the possibility of a little (VR) escapism.

1. My Very Hungry Caterpillar (5 and under)

This app allows you to care for you're very own hungry caterpillar while getting creative and exploring nature! Apple version costs £5.99 but there's a free version on the google store.

2. How to Draw Everything (4+)

A great way to learn how to draw new things. This app is for all ages and can help you explore your creativity - anyone can draw and this proves it!

3. Dad Jokes (4+)

It's hard to be a comedic genius in such trying times, so look to this app for inspiration, and find more jokes to annoy your families with!

4. Expeditions (4+)

We're all trapped at home - luckily expeditions allows us to go on virtual reality trips! There are options for teachers to use it with their students, but you can also be your own guide - or take family and friends on an expedition with you!

5. Smartify (12+)

Allows you to see and read about artworks exhibited across the world - a great way to enjoy a bit of culture from your own home!

Hope this helps! We're sure most kids are busy starting their tiktok careers anyway - extra points from us if a dance routine is involved!


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