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New York-born rapper and street poet Kenny Baraka has been hosting 1-2-1 lyricism masterclasses online with Lewisham Music the last two weeks. Kenny has worked with artists including Supernatural, Omar and De La Soul, and inspires in young people a passion for poetry and literature.

Young people in the masterclasses had the opportunity to work with Kenny to experiment with ideas, hone their lyric writing, create rhythms from words, and how to turn creativity into a career!

You can find out Kenny's top tips for writing lyrics on Lewisham Music's website.

Bailey had such an amazing time; he was radiant, excited, animated, and full to the rim with joy when he got off the course.

He could not stop smiling. It has lit his imagination.

Thank you so much for doing this, it will go a long way in this young rapper.

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Lewisham Youth Theatre’s Young Producers have planned an amazing event for under 25s interested in creative careers. In this zoom webinar you’ll hear from working professionals in acting, film, stage directing, play-writing and lighting design. They’ll share advice about the realities of creative work and reveal how they got there!

The event will take place on

Saturday 11th July at 5pm

Meet the Creatives.

Discover their Journeys. Start your Future.


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Spiela is a collaborative online network. Our mission is to engage those from under represented backgrounds and ensure that they have a safe and supportive space to engage and network with others. Spiela connects talented people from diverse and challenging backgrounds with the belief that talent is equally distributed but opportunity isn't.

Spiela do this by highlighting all of the amazing, incredibly talented people, initiatives and groups available in less fortunate areas, and connect them to the right people through events and the social networking website. This website is designed to help users develop and grow, both personally and professionally. From hosting events at Facebook HQ in London to dedicated Q&A nights on Instagram Live with various STEM influencers to putting on the very first Youth Summit festival in 2019 with Lewisham Council at Goldsmiths University… Spiela are already making a difference in young people’s lives, for instance through these events many youngsters have come and found mentors to help them on their journey.

So we are delighted to announce Spiela's partnership with the EY Foundation. They are building a better working world. The insights and quality services they provide help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over. They develop outstanding leaders who deliver on our promises. In so doing, we play a critical role in building a better working world for their people and for their communities.

Luckily for us our values and what we are trying to achieve match up perfectly with that of the EY Foundation and we cannot wait to collaborate with them in the future to really make a difference in young peoples lives.

Check out Spiela's website: https://spiela.co.uk/community/view