Past Events (Lewisham Live 2021)

Have a read below about the brilliant things that have already taken place this year, and then head here for videos, audio & resources from these projects. 

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Lewisham Live Mixtape 2021

The Alchemy project at Goldsmiths University in partnership with NX records again produced a mixtape of brand new music by creative young people for Lewisham Live 2021. 

The mixtape launched on the 9th April and was shared on a live radio show with young people and producers featured on the mixtape sharing insight about the process. 

Rap & Lyricism Masterclasses with Kenny Baraka

In March, 8 young people aged 10-18 took part in a 1-2-1 masterclass with rap legend Kenny Baraka over zoom. The young people took part in the music mentoring series and gained opportunities to; share their music and receive feedback, gain insight on the music industry/ creative careers and collaborate with Kenny to explore lyric writing processes and performance skills. Alongside the online mentoring young people were given access to our Lyricism 101 resource pack.

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Unlock The Arts

During the Easter Holiday, LEAN led a project for 13-19 year old's with an interest in the creative industries. 

Creative Chats with 7 professionals from Lewisham and South East London took place over zoom. They shared their career stories, top tips and answered questions from young people on the calls. 

Unlock The Arts: Listen Up! saw young people work with theatre-maker Kat Gill, creative writing specialist Sarah Parrott and musician and producer INTALEKT, to create an artistic response to the theme 'Activism and Me'. 

The sessions ran over 4 days and the groups came together in the final session to share what they had created. You can here two tracks created in the music-making sessions and read the 'zine Protest of Life created by the creative-writing group HERE!

Fellowship Music Collective

This project in the Easter holidays saw 28 young creatives work  industry professional artists/ workshop leaders Intalekt, Kenny Baraka, Arthur Lea and Alice Hale.


The online songwriting sessions focused on exploring creative processes, and helped young people to shape their own motifs, lyrics and other ideas.


“I never really saw myself as a lyricist, I’ve always seen myself as a producer. This project has helped me challenge that. Being able to write as well as produce means I am now able to make my musical ideas come alive”.

Check out videos, lyrics and images from the project HERE

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